40tude's Heroes of Telemark Challenge, Norway - March 2022

Well done to our intrepid team who completed our winter challenge with a difference: retracing the route of a WWII sabotage operation on the Hardangervidda plateau in Norway. 

Our team were taught a range of new skills by highly specialised ex-military winter survival experts, so they could look after themselves in the harsh Nordic winter environment and widen their knowledge of the daring and successful World War II sabotage operation, that was celebrated in the 1965 film 'Heroes of Telemark'.

They were required to become competent in a variety of arctic skills including Nordic skiing, snow shoeing and survival techniques. They put these into practice in the second, operational phase, as they took the route taken by special forces operatives in February 1943 to sabotage the German hydrogen plant near Rjukan making 'heavy water' for use in atomic bombs.  This involved a 4-hour ski in white arctic warfare camouflage suits, in challenging mountainous terrain, following the exact route used by the saboteurs 79 years ago. 40tude Telemark Challenge

40tude's Expedition Musandam, Oman - January 2022

Congratulations to everyone who took on our Expedition Musandam - our first fundraising challenge of 2022 - in the remote Musandam Peninsula in Oman.

As you might expect this 40tude challenge was no walk in the park. Our trekkers successfully negotiated the rocky terrain, scrambling up and down huge boulders and navigating steep cliffs along the stunning coastline of the Musandam Peninsula. As if this was not difficult enough, they were unlucky to experience biblical rain while in this remote part of Oman. They did not let this dampen their spirits however, even when stoically enduring a very wet night sleeping out on a traditional Oman Dhow - not exactly under the bright starry skies that were anticipated!

Looked after all the while by the superb team from Tribal Tracks, experts in arranging adventures with a difference.

40tuders on 40tudes Expedition Musandam, Oman

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