40tude is delighted to have been the primary funder of the PERFECTS programme, designed to develop the availability of CT Colonography screening throughout the NHS.

The PERFECTS programme successfully developed a new Training and Quality Assurance tool for CT Colonography that is now part of the NHS's national Bowel Cancer Screening Programme.

CT Colonography is a highly effective screening tool to identify early stage colon cancer.  This CT scanner-based test is non-invasive and is therefore more comfortable for patients than some other screening options. It also provides the ability to look at the other organs in the abdomen and pelvis outside the colon, including the appendix.

40tude's funding for the initial three years of this programme has enabled the PERFECTS team to successfully provide high-quality training for more than 70 radiologists across the UK, with others now able to access the PERFECTS method of training in this 'gold standard' method of cancer screening. 

The project's leaders have shared their approach and findings with their international colleagues, extending the reach of this exciting training and evaluation programme and potentially transforming the early detection rates of colon cancer both nationally and globally.