Photo of JP Miller at swim start

We're inspired by JP Miller who completed a solo swim of the English Channel in support of 40tude.

An outstanding achievement, given that more people have climbed Everest than have swum the Channel solo. Or "in running terms, it's the equivalent of running just under five consecutive marathons,” says JP.

Huge commitment and determination were required to complete this swim. The past 18 months have seen JP regularly training before dawn in his local pool, before lockdown confined him to home and made his swim uncertain – not to mention overcoming a significant shoulder injury sustained in a car crash back in February.

The inspiration for JP to keep going throughout the swim was the memory of his father. "In his final years my father’s quality of life was reduced due to colon cancer," explains JP.  "I subsequently became involved with 40tude and realised that it doesn't need to be like that. 40tude's message is a clear one: be aware of colon cancer and get screened as early as possible and I’m delighted to have completed this challenge in their 10th year of raising funds for colon cancer research at St. Mark’s.”

JP raised over £15,000 for 40tude - thank you to all who donated.  

Congratulations JP – you truly are a 40tude hero!  And please don’t forget to do something brilliant too by getting yourself screened for colon cancer, properly and regularly from your mid-40s.

Learn more about JP's epic journey and what drove him to take on this challenge in this superb film: