Thank you for planning a fundraising initiative for 40tude.  In doing so you will not only be raising funds but by involving your friends, family and colleagues, you’ll be raising vital awareness of colon cancer, and the importance of getting screened for this preventable type of cancer. 

At the same time you’ll be helping to raise awareness of 40tude and the work we’re doing in supporting leading-edge research already transforming the early detection of colon cancer, saving lives.

Here are some ideas as to how you can help us:

Organising a fundraising event for 40tude

If you're thinking of organising a fundraising event for 40tude please let us know so we can support you.

Current Covid restrictions might make getting people together in person difficult right now but you could still organise a virtual event - you might find people are even more willing to join you as they have less in their diaries!  A few ideas:

  • Quiz night
  • A night at the races – organise a virtual dog/horse race night
  • Birthday donations: ask that your friends make a donation to 40tude in the place of a present
  • Give up something you love and donate the usual cost to 40tude or ask people to sponsor you to do so
How to make your event a great success 
  • Check if you need a licence - eg. to play live or recorded music, or to sell alcohol
  • Assess any health and safety considerations, for example any risks posed by your event to people, property and your local environment.  Try to identify ways you can minimise or control any risks
  • Check if you need to take out insurance for your event / venue / personal challenge.  40tude is unable to cover any events or activities organised by individuals
  • Let us know, so we can help to promote your event
  • Contact Kate for 40tude’s logo files to use in your publicity materials
  • Send us photos after the event (and if possible during it!) that we can share on our channels
Take on a personal challenge

Whether you’ve signed up for the next London Marathon - or taking on a Half Marathon, an Iron Man Challenge, a local fun-run or a long-distance swim - we’d love to hear about it.  Or perhaps it’s a Virtual Challenge?  You may even inspire other 40tude supporters to join – or to take up a similar challenge too.   

Whatever you choose, it’s simple to set up a fundraising page for 40tude that can be easily shared with your friends, family and colleagues.  Here's how