It’s easy and quick to set up an online fundraising page for 40tude.  Donations are collected through our website and will go direct to 40tude, so you don’t have to do anything more than create and then share your page. 

Don’t forget these important tips to help you boost the impact of your fundraising page once it’s created:

  • TELL PEOPLE WHY you're doing this challenge or event - include what it means to you, why it’s a real challenge and how their donations will make a difference to curing colon cancer

  • SET A TARGET Set it high - you’ll be surprised by how achievable it can be.  Remember to share your progress at regular intervals
  • UPLOAD A PHOTO It’s proven that people are more likely to donate to a page containing a photo.  You can refresh this from time to time, for example showing you in training for your challenge  or perhaps practising the new skill you have taken on for this event
  • KEEP ON SHARING Remember to not only share the link once but to keep updating everyone on your progress
    • Use a range of methods, including your social media channels, email and messaging
    • Consider adding your fundraising page URL to your email signature
    • You could share your training milestones or achievements along the way.  Post a photo or two of you in training or preparing for your event at various stages
    • Share your progress towards your fundraising target
  • THANK YOUR DONORS Remember to thank your donors regularly in the lead up to the event, and again afterwards.  Let them know how much was raised and remember to include photos of you in action – a picture tells a thousand words! 
Setting up your fundraising page is quick and easy to do

Simply go to our fundraising page at and:

  • First select the research project you’d like to support with the funds you raise. Alternatively you can select the option of a General Donation to 40tude
  • Enter your details
  • A url for your page will be created automatically. You can edit this at this point if you wish
  • Add some text in the relevant sections about why you are fundraising for 40tude. Click on the suggested text if you need help with this; you will be able to edit it to suit you 
  • Add a fundraising target (no £ or comma is required in this box)
  • Add a photo of yourself, perhaps one showing you in training or preparing for your event

 Your fundraising page will be approved shortly after you have submitted it, and a url will be confirmed for your fundraising page, that you can then share with your friends, family and colleagues

Offline Donations

It’s fine if not everyone wants to donate online.  Cheques and charity account vouchers can be made payable to our charity name in full, 40tude curing colon cancer.  Please contact Kate for details of where to send them to.

Thank you for raising funds for 40tude. Together we can cure colon cancer