40tude cyclists on our Alpes Maritimes Cycle Challenge

Congratulations to all the riders in our 2022 peloton who have successfully completed our Alpes Maritimes Cycle Challenge! 

in a fitting return to the country where 40tude's fundraising challenges very first began, our cyclists took on a range of routes designed to challenge all abilities of rider, with some Cat 3,2,1 & Hors Categorie climbs and UCI race stages featuring in the mix on this 3½ day ride. 

Along the way they have helped to raise awareness of colon (bowel) cancer and how important it is to get screened for this type of cancer, which can be treated if it is found early.

Thank you for supporting our riders as they take on this next challenge for 40tude!  There's still time to make a donation here, or if you wish to support an individual rider click here to find their personal fundraising page.

Photos of 40tude

Thank you to the team at Pie for guiding them throughout, and to Rob at Follow My Challenge for creating this live map through which we could track their progress during their ride.