What am I doing?

I will be joining up with a team of nine others to undertake the 40tude Heroes of Telemark Challenge. Out go the relative stability of even my slalom skis and on go the narrow and treacherous cross-country skis.

The 40tude challenge is retracing the “steps” of the special forces operatives, who were dropped behind enemy lines in occupied Norway during the second world war. Their mission, successfully achieved, was to destroy the Heavy Water stores being stockpiled and which would have enabled Hitler to deploy nuclear weapons. It was known as Operation Gunnerside. It is a privilege to be invited to join the 40tude team sent to honour these special forces soldiers. It will be once in a lifetime expedition. I know that it is going to be incredibly tough but the whole team is looking forward, with appropriate trepidation, to the challenge ahead. From my experience in Tignes, I know just how big a challenge we face!

Why am I doing it?

40tude is a charity that raises the awareness of colon cancer and the benefits of screening for colon cancer and raises funds for research that is curing colon cancer.

Colon (or bowel) cancer is the second biggest cancer killer in the UK. It shouldn’t be as it is treatable and curable, all the more so if it is detected at an early stage. Early diagnosis saves lives. It affects women and men equally. Easy…get screened…don’t get colon cancer…

I never knew my grandfather as he died of colon cancer when he was just 40. It has had a big impact on my family. I am determined to do my bit to ensure that as few families as possible go through this unnecessary trauma of losing a loved one to colon cancer.

What I would like you to do?

1. I would like you to read about colon cancer on the 40tude website and particularly the section on screening.

It is important to get screened for colon cancer, regularly, from your mid-40s. Even if you are not in your 40s, once you’ve read this, please pass this information onto anyone you know who is in the mid-40s or above. Then go and ask them, regularly, whether they’ve taken up any of the screening options. Badger them…one screening procedure every five years is surely a worthwhile use of anyone’s time.

2. I would like you to sign up to receive more information about 40tude and what it does.

In that way, 40tude can keep you up to date on developments in colon cancer screening and 40tude’s own exciting initiatives. You might hear of a challenge that you would like to join in the future.

Sign up for 40tude news

3. I would like you, please, to sponsor me.

40tude funds a number of massively impactful research studies. The results of these studies are already making a difference on a national scale and are becoming part of the national colon cancer program. 40tude's research programs will not happen without 40tude’s transformational funding. I have set up a fundraising page here. If you can possibly support 40tude’s great work I would be very grateful.

Out of all of these, the most important is that anyone that you love, including yourself, gets screened and avoids colon cancer.

Thank you for reading this. Wish us luck!


Benedict Moore