Mission Accomplished!

We’re extremely proud that our brilliant team has smashed 40tude’s Muckle Flugga Challenge. With only Brompton bikes and inflatable kayaks, they’ve reached the most northerly point of Shetland (and the British Isles!) after setting off from the southern tip of the isles just two days ago.  A four kilometre crossing of the windy and tidal Yell Sound, in just a pack raft with a bike strapped to the bow is no truly mean feat – and was just one of the many challenging legs of their epic endeavour! 

Why did they take on this mad challenge? They want to draw everyone’s attention to bowel cancer and the crucial importance of screening to catch any bowel cancer early: through poo tests (FIT), colonoscopy or accredited CT colonography.  Please take a look at our Screening page for more on the options available, and get in touch if you and your company have been inspired by Brompton’s impressive initiative to roll out enhanced FIT testing to its employees over 40.

Thank you to everyone who has made a donation in support of our adventurers this week.  If you’d like to congratulate the team there’s so there’s still time to donate via their Muckle Flugga page.  If we can get to £50,000 40tude will be able to fund a 10% expansion in the UK’s bowel screening capacity, which would be an incredible gift for this challenge to deliver.

Congratulations to Will, Gordon, Sarah, Fraser, Hamish and Nick on your fantastic achievement in the name of 40tude.   Enjoy long and well-deserved celebrations tonight in the Northern Isles, where the sun may hardly set! 

Want to be part of a 40tude challenge team? See our events page for details of how you can get involved

Day 3 - Thursday 8th June

A beautiful day has dawned ahead of our Shetland team's next sea crossing, 2km to the isle of Unst.  From their arrival point at Belmont they'll cycle another 20 miles before taking on their final stretch on foot, hiking the last 3 miles to Muckle Flugga this afternoon. 

Go well Team Muckle Flugga, you're smashing this!

Day 2 - Wednesday 7th June

A big day today with a 4,000 metre crossing of the Yell Sound awaiting our team.  First they pedalled 28 miles from Lerwick to Toft, before fastening their bikes onto their inflatable rafts in preparation for the next major part of their adventure.   

They bravely battled the waves, tide and wind that picked up mid-way between Toft and Ulsta, before successfully making land on 'the friendly isle'. Just  another 15 miles of cycling left to go on their Brommies before a well-earned rest in mid-Yell tonight.  Another sea crossing awaits them tomorrow morning, before they strike land to reach their destination at Muckle Flugga. 

Well done team, we're very proud of all you have achieved so far!  

Day 1- Tuesday 6th June

After an early start and two flights north, the team has landed safely in Shetland. After doing a twirl in their new kit they hopped onto their Brompton bikes to test their legs - and prowess in balancing all their gear on a folding bike - to make their way to their official start point of Sumburgh Head Lighthouse.  

From there they'll complete the first 25 miles of their epic journey across the isles, arriving in Lerwick this evening.  It might just be a good thing that the sun sets late in Shetland...!

Montage of photos of 40tude Muckle Flugga team showing off their kit kit