Congratulations to our intrepid team of trekkers who have smashed our Transylvanian Challenge! They successfully summited five peaks in just three days in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania, part of one of Europe’s mightiest mountain ranges. 

The Carpathian Mountain Range is the third longest mountain range in Europe.  Arcing from the Czech Republic in the north west, through Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, the Ukraine and Serbia, to Romania, these are tough, wild, mountains.   

During this demanding adventure challenge for 40tude the team made it to the summit of five different peaks; Omu (2,505m), Oculit (2,503m), Bucks Fang (2,168m), Batrana (2,181m) and La Om (2,238m).

Why did they take on this massive challenge? We believe that our physically and mentally demanding challenges earn 40tuders the right to raise awareness of colon cancer, and particularly our strongly held belief that it can be prevented, if the precursor signs are detected early through regular screening. 

The funds raised through this challenge will help accelerate the roll-out of a national training and accreditation programme for the CT Colonography.  This roll out is increasing the capacity of the UK’s gold-standard level screening by 10%, which is a staggering impact. Immediately 40tude’s funding is enabling seven regional centres of excellence to be established across the UK, enabling more high-quality training in this bowel screening method to be provided to radiologists and radiographers throughout the NHS. 

Thank you for your support, which has helped our team to find more in their legs when the going got tough!