£150 will pay for a follow-on colonoscopy for a patient in 40tude’s sponsored National Lynch Syndrome programme.

Around 1 in 30 of cases of colon cancer occur due to a genetic disease called Lynch Syndrome. Lynch Syndrome (LS) is not a rare disease: the World Health Organisation estimates that around 1 in 125 people have it (about half a million people in the UK).  However 90-95% of people with LS are not aware they have the condition, although they may have a family history of cancer.

Most people with Lynch syndrome are well, but someone with LS has a 40-70% chance of developing colon cancer, and women also have a similar risk of cancer of the womb.  All those with LS have an increased risk of many other types of cancer.   The genetic mutations which cause Lynch Syndrome can be passed on from one generation to the next, with a 50% risk of a child inheriting this condition.

St Mark’s Hospital has the UK’s first specialist Lynch Syndrome Clinic and is leading The National Lynch Programme supported by 40tude.  You can find out more about this important programme here 

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