Previously 40tude has helped to fund the FLEX project at St. Mark's, the development of a leading-edge surgical technique to treat colon cancer.  This less-invasive surgical technique prevents the need for cancer patients to have large sections of their colon removed while still removing the cancer successfully. This results in faster post-operative recovery time.

40tude has supported the Artificial Bowel Project, a pioneering research programme to engineer new bowel tissue using existing stem cells in a patient. Our donations allowed for the development of a dedicated bioreactor and funded a research post for this combined research programme at St. Mark’s Hospital and the Northwick Park Institute of Medical Research.

In addition 40tude has provided funds to support the development of robotic surgery for colorectal surgery at St. Mark’s Hospital.  Robotic surgery is a minimally invasive and precise surgical technique which has many advantages over other types of surgery.  In 2017, St Mark’s took delivery of the Da Vinci xi robot, which is the most advanced surgical robotics platform currently available, and through their Surgical Robotics Research Programme are leading the education and training of surgeons on this new advanced facility, the only surgical robotics platform in the UK dedicated to bowel surgery.