We're delighted by the news reported in the media today, that people with Lynch Syndrome will be screened regularly by the NHS.  

Lynch Syndrome (LS) is thought to affect around 175,000 people in the UK, however few are aware that they have it.  Most people with Lynch syndrome are well, but someone with LS has a 40-70% chance of developing colon cancer, and women also have a similar risk of cancer of the womb.  All those with LS have an increased risk of many other types of cancer.   

40tude is proud to be supporting the National Lynch Syndrome Cancer Prevention Study at St. Mark's Hospital to help identify those who have Lynch Syndrome  in the UK, to improve understanding of how cancer develops for those with LS and to ensure they are screened regularly to detect early the signs of bowel and other types of cancer.   See our Lynch Study page for more

Click on the links for the news reports in The Guardian and BBC News