A huge well done and thank you to Richard Duncan who has completed an epic run of a total of 1,130km in support of 40tude!

Rich decided to run this mammoth amount of kms in 2022 as it is the distance from his home in Woking to Bordeaux to the home of his cousin and former 40ude ambassador, the rugby legend Tom Smith who sadly passed away last April, aged just 50.

To achieve in just 39 weeks presented Rich with the challenge of running of 30km a week, 120km a month - or just under three Marathons a month.

"1130km, 117 hours, one pair of shoes (now going in the bin), 3 knee braces, 2 ankle braces, 1 tube one body glide , countless appointments with the physio and a fantastically supportive family," said Rich as he completed his run.  "It is done. Thank you for all your support during this run."

As well as raising awareness of colon (bowel) cancer and the importance of getting screened for this preventable type of cancer, Rich has raised the wonderful amount of £2,681 for 40tude and Cancer Research UK.  Thank you Rich!

There's still time to make a donation on his fundraising page - please go to https://www.justgiving.com/team/run-to-bordeaux 
Well done Rich on your brilliant achievement!  It can't have been easy to find the time to clock up these many miles in between your work and family commitments, but you did it!

Photo montage: running shoes, frosty landscape, injured leg and Tom Smith and family, the inspiration for Rich Duncan