We're very proud of the fantastic support provided by 40tuders for our friends at St. Mark’s Hospital who have been at the forefront of the fight against Covid-19. 

As lockdown came into affect, the 40tude community responded to our appeals on behalf of St. Mark's and in just a few days managed to:  

  • source over 1,000 safety goggles and glasses (the majority kindly donated by their children’s schools)
  • locate a source of paper scrubs
  • donate loads of snacks to maintain the energy of the staff on extended shifts
  • donate 24/7, 365 access to a specialised counselling service for all 300 St. Mark’s medics and their immediate families – which is vital given the increased stress they have faced

The 40tude 'family' also generously stepped up to donate essential provisions to a number of patients in St. Mark’s Intestinal Rehabilitation Unit (IRU), which is co-led by our great friend, Dr. Simon Gabe. These patients come from around the country to be treated for intestinal failure and had been separated from their loved ones because of Covid-19.

Thank you for all your amazing support during this difficult time, which has been truly appreciated by our friends at St. Mark's Hospital.