Please show your support for 40tuder Andrew Peterson who is taking on the epic challenge of between the four compass points of the UK in just seven days, to fund a dedicated research fellow at St. Mark's Hospital in memory of Tom Smith.  

Explains Andrew, "Tom Smith was a Scottish rugby and British & Irish Lions hero.  My own father was a hero to me.  Both Tom and my dad died from colon cancer.  They both ignored the initial signs of the cancer and by the time they were diagnosed, it was too late.  This matters to everyone as colon (bowel) cancer is the UK's biggest cancer killer of non-smokers. 

"I am raising £100k for 40tude to fund a full time research fellow at St. Mark's Hospital in memory of Tom Smith.  The research will be focused on identifying the genetic causes of colon cancer.

"£100k is a big challenge, as is my ride.  Starting on July 16th 2022, I will ride unsupported between the 4 compass points of the UK in 7 days. The 4 compass points are Lizard Point (most southerly), Lowestoft (most easterly), Dunnet Head (most northerly) and Ardnamurchan Point (most westerly).  My father is from Ardnamurchan and is buried close to the point, which is why I want to finish my ride there.

"The total distance is 2,500km and I will be spending 16 hours a day on the bike.  

"You can follow my ride live on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  You can also join me on the route if you want.  I will be delighted for the company.

"Thank you for helping with your donation.  Please also look around the 40tude website and be aware of the symptoms of colon cancer.  If you have any of these symptoms, please contact your GP immediately.  If colon cancer is detected early it is very treatable."

Early diagnosis can, and does, save lives.  Please take up any screening that is offered to you (including posting back any tests sent to your home) and if you can, consider enhanced screening (Colonoscopy or accredited CT Colonography every 5-7 years from your mid 40s.  

For more information about colon cancer, its symptoms and how to get screened for this preventable type of cancer, please see the 'About colon cancer' section of this website.

If you would like to show Andrew your support (and follow his progress via Strava) please go to his JustGiving page for 40tude:

Donate to 40tude in support of Andrew's Tom Smith 4 Point ride

Photos of 40tudes former ambassador Tom Smith

Former Scotland Rugby Captain, British & Irish Lion and 40tude ambassador Tom Smith, who passed away in April 2022 aged just 50 

Rugby images credit: David Gibson at Fotosport