Thank you for supporting me by making a donation to 40tude. The funds will be directed very carefully by 40tude to raise awareness and to support vital research that is already making a difference to curing colon (bowel) cancer.

1 in 15 men and 1 in 18 women are at risk of developing this type of cancer and if you're a non-smoker in the UK, colon cancer is the most likely cancer to kill you. This needn't be the case however, as this is one of the easiest cancers to treat, if it is detected early. The really good news is that colon cancer is also preventable, through regular screening.

If you have a test to look for colon cancer and its precursor polyps are detected, these can be easily removed, significantly reducing the risk of developing this type of cancer. Find out more on 40tude's website at

The funds we raise for 40tude through the Colmar Cycle Challenge will support the accelerated roll-out of enhanced screening within the NHS. CT Colonography (CTC) is a method of screening for bowel cancer, and 40tude is supporting the development of a new national training and accreditation programme, designed to increase the availability of high-quality bowel screening across the NHS.  In the immediate term, 40tude's funding will enable seven regional centres of excellence to be established, enabling more training to be provided to radiologists and radiographers across the UK. 

Your donation will make a real difference, helping to reduce the number of people affected by this preventable disease. Please share this with your friends and family also. Together we can cure colon cancer.

Thank you.

Janet Coleman