I am taking on 40tude's Coast to Coast Cycle Challenge this September to help raise awareness and funds to cure colon cancer.

I am currently receiving temporary treatment for Lymphoma before undertaking CAR T-cell therapy. I feel very lucky to still be fit and healthy enough to continue to cycle and undertake this challenge.  I have known many people who have suffered from colon cancer, some who are sadly no longer with us.  I am really grateful for any donations, however small.

40tude aims to raise awareness of colon cancer and the importance of getting screened, properly and regularly, from your mid-40s for this type of cancer, which is treatable if it is detected early.  

The funds raised are directed very carefully to ground-breaking research projects targeted at transforming the early diagnosis and treatment of colon cancer; NHS programmes that could not otherwise move forward.

Together we can make a difference to the number of people affected by colon cancer.  

Thank you.

Chris Combe