As he reaches the half way mark, an update from founder 40tude trustee Fraser Moore on how his epic run is going:

"I had an amazing response to my last message as I launched my 1000KM challenge to raise awareness of colon cancer. 

I was blown away by your messages of support and encouragement. To those who have been kind enough to sponsor me, I can’t thank you enough.

A quick update on the running. It’s been going pretty well! I’ve run through the 500KM mark now. Getting to the half way point felt like a big psychological barrier so to have crossed that and to be on the road back home, so to speak, feels pretty great.

My home runs up and down the Thames have been very special in recent weeks as the riverbank has come to life. I’ve run with the ponies in the New Forest and around the ancient city walls in Chester. Turns out this running business can be quite special.

Yours, in 40tude.

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