"Summer was great for the 1,000km Challenge, so much so that I’ve now successfully run through the 750km marker," reports Fraser.

"I was lucky and inspired to run in some beautiful places in the last few months and have been rewarded with spectacular views along the way. I fear I may now be “a runner”.

Photos of Fraser

"With the finish line in sight, I’ve grabbed the chance to run the Royal Parks Half Marathon on 10th October. If you happen to be coming to the event, be sure to look out for me and give me a cheer.

Be smart - get screened for colon cancer

If you’ve been following my previous posts, you’ll know already that early diagnosis massively improves outcomes for people with colon cancer. So what can you do to ensure that you, your friends and family remain healthy? I would strongly recommend including colon cancer screening into your regular health plans.

There are different types of screening and what’s available to you through public health services differs a lot across different parts of the UK and around the world, so it’s best to check. 

However, many public progammes are targeted at older generations and won’t offer screening until you are well into your 50s. And that means if you want to be reduce your own risks, you will need to actively arrange your own screening.

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As the 1000km Challenge comes towards its end, I’m asking you to please, please join 40tude, the colon cancer charity which I’ve been supporting through this year. It only takes 2 minutes to sign up.

Not only will it continue to inform you about colon cancer, you will also hear about the pioneering research that your support of 40tude delivers. 

 If I’ve inspired you at all then there are many fantastic opportunities to get involved yourself in one of the many incredible 40tude Challenges - genuinely life changing events. You can find out more on this website."