You can still make a donation here to 40tude if you'd like to show your support to Fraser Moore who has recently completed his personal challenge of running 1,000 km during 2021 to raise awareness of colon cancer screening.

"40tude Trustee Fraser Moore runs 1,000kmFor many years I’ve been a supporter of 40tude and its aim to cure colon cancer," explains Fraser. "It’s a subject close to my heart because my own father died of colon cancer aged just 40.  2022 will be 40 years since he left us very much too early.

"40tude recommends that each one of us should start getting screened for colon cancer from our mid-40s onwards. As I approach that milestone myself next year, I plan to step up my own screening, both for my own benefit and for my friends and family too.

In an effort to raise awareness and to encourage all of us to think seriously about our colon health, I set myself a challenge to run 1,000 km over the course of 2021.

"As someone who’s done little running over the preceding forty-something years the prospect was a daunting one but it was surprisingly enjoyable and I learned a lot along the way."