For this unique challenge our team will will retrace the route of the WWII Operation Gunnerside, celebrated in the 1965 film 'Heroes of Telemark'.

First our team will need to learn a range of new skills by highly specialised ex-military winter survival experts, so they can look after themselves in the harsh Nordic winter environment and widen their knowledge of the daring and successful World War II sabotage operations.

In the second, operational phase, they will take the route taken by special forces operatives in February 1943 to sabotage the German hydrogen plant near Rjukan making 'heavy water' for use in atomic bombs, using the skills learned in the first phase. This involves a 4-hour ski in white arctic warfare camouflage suits, in challenging mountainous terrain, following the exact route used by the saboteurs 79 years ago.

Team work, self-discipline and utilising the skills learnt in the first phase will be essential elements in successfully completing this route.

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