Dear friends,

it's that time again when I ask you to support me and 40tude in our fight against colon cancer. This is important for YOU too. Colon cancer is the biggest killer of non-smokers in the UK, so please pay attention on how you can help!

At various times raising money for 40tude has involved me cycling up high mountains or cycling vast distances, usually through France, Spain or Italy in the heat of a European summer. This time is different. I am cycling coast to coast in northern England in a British autumn. I can almost guarantee it will be wet, windy and chilly. There may not be 2000 metre climbs, but as anyone who has ever been to Yorkshire will testify, cycling there is in many ways much harder. There is nothing flat in Yorkshire and the Pennines and the climbs are very steep.

As ever I am doing this to raise money for 40tude, a charity I have supported since its founding over 10 years ago. My father died of colon cancer so this is a very special cause. 40tude make a real and immediate difference. We work directly with St Mark's hospital in Harrow, the world-leading centre for colon cancer research. We directly fund projects rather than putting money into a general pot. Our fund raising across the last 10 years has already brought new-to-the-world surgical interventions, and breakthrough imaging to enable early detection of colon cancer.

I would please ask you to donate generously. Your money will make a difference. Even if you don't donate, you can make a difference by visiting the 40tude site and understanding the symptoms of colon cancer. The link is

Thank you in advance. Here's hoping for a tailwind.


Andrew Peterson